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single page application

Single Page Application( SPA) has become a popular architecure for web sites. In SPA, aeas of the page are refreshed with data obtained from a server via asynchronous calls instead of loading an entire page to refresh data. MVC is an early version of this as partial views are loaded from a server and embedded in a master page. An application may be composed of several single page applications in order to accomodate varying templates. Google is an example of an SPA.

For a good example of an SPA go to Angular University

SPA advantages:

  • Fast and Responsive
  • Caching Capabilities
  • Linear User Experience
  • Ease of Debugging

SPA disadvantages:

  • Loss of Browser History
  • Inadvertant Data Exposure

There are ways to mitigate these disadvantages. There is an HTML5 API which when inluded in the web site will capture the javascript calls. Inadvertant data exposure shold be ahdnled by careful testing and review of code.