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Windows Presentation Foudndation (WPF) is a graphical display system for Windows based on DirectX and vector graphics. Please see the references for a full discussion and the change for raster graphics in early development systems. WPF uses XAML to "mark up" the user interface with code behind to handle events, etc. There is an initial feel that one is coding an ASP.NEt site - However, there are dramatic differences. XAML is a hierarchical structure which implements an event routing structure very unlike the Windows or ASP.NEt Forms - or not in Windows events can be captured in Parents.

There is also a separation of concerns within XAML and MVC which can also be implemented within WPF. The hierarchical structure and routed events means that an event can percolate up and back down the hierarchy - implemented by more than one "object" on the interface. Also resources set in a parent automatically cascade to the children unless overwritten by the child. Dependency Injection is an important component of WPF and will be presented in one of the samples.